Why AE Wealth Management

We believe that all investors should know how their portfolios are performing at any given time and we also understand that your investment objectives may change over time.

AE Wealth Management delivers:

  • A focus on managing risk and volatility across a lifetime of retirement. Our portfolio managers aren’t swinging for the fences at every at-bat. Instead, they focus on hitting singles and doubles, and consistently getting on base to help you pursue your retirement goals and make it across the plate.
  • Constant due diligence. Through our strategic alliances, we’re able to bring you money management that includes rigorous vetting and monitoring of money managers to help ensure those who manage your money are staying true to the investment discipline you’ve hired them for.
  • A holistic approach. Our integrated dashboard gives you, and your financial advisor, a view of your entire financial universe in one place. Whether its investments, insurance, 401(k)s, pensions or IRAs, all of your financial holdings are available to you through the AE Wealth Management dashboard, giving you a 360 degree view of your finances and simplifying financial decisions.
  • Cutting edge technology. From interactive risk tolerance assessments to integrated financial dashboards and online goal tracking, we use the best technology has to offer to make it easy for you and your financial advisor to make informed decisions aligned with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

By offering transparency in everything we do and explaining things in language our investors understand, we work to help our financial advisors serve investors like you more efficiently and effectively.

Advisors Excel works with many of the top of advisors in the financial services industry.

One of the core reasons for the success of our financial advisors is the holistic approach they take to retirement planning. They realize that a strong combination of insurance products and securities can help many clients enjoy a more confident retirement.

Under three core principles, AE Wealth Management has purposely structured its platform to support your advisor in the same way that your advisor supports you.


As independent financial advisors, the professionals who choose to work with AE Wealth Management understand the value of having options. They know that no two clients are the same, each has unique needs and financial goals. And because AE Wealth Management professionals are required to uphold a fiduciary standard of care — meaning they are required to act in their clients’ best interests — they don’t rely on a single investment strategy for every client. They seek options, like those available through AE Wealth Management, so they can create unique strategies designed specifically for each client.


AE Wealth Management advisors are largely focused on preserving your hard-earned assets and creating an income plan that are designed to last throughout your retirement. Our advisors don’t get distracted by the need to beat the market every year. Instead, they remain focused on managing risk and volatility when creating financial strategies aimed to protect a portion of your nest egg while also designed to generate income throughout your retirement. They adhere to solid, old-school investment principles through the use of sophisticated investment strategies.


AE Wealth Management only works with those professionals committed to maintaining a fiduciary standard of care and providing a high level of transparency through disclosure of fees, commissions and conflicts of interest. We believe you deserve to know exactly what you’re paying for the advice you’re receiving and to be certain that your advisor is acting in your best interest. We only work with advisors who share that belief.