Understanding Market Corrections Seminar


A Turnkey Solution to Prepare Your Clients, Increase Retention and Grow Your Business in the Process!

In today’s episode of BACH TALK I’m going to break down the big reasons why you need to start teaching this seminar to your clients.


  • The proactive approach to prepare and educate your clients for a market correction, so they know what to do when one happens.
  • A look at the staggering numbers that are putting your clients into panic mode! (Since March of 2009, the market is up 390% with reinvested dividends. Since Trump has been elected, the market is up 44%).
  • How to help your clients discern good advice from bad.
  • Find out what’s included in The Understanding Market Corrections toolkit — a turnkey solution that many of our best advisors are using.
  • Why teaching this seminar in the next 90 days is going to help increase client retention, generate new business and differentiate you from the competition.

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