Beneficiary IRA Form Updates

TD Ameritrade has made updates to its Beneficiary IRA forms. Please review the updates below and contact AEWM Support with any questions.


Beneficiary IRA Applications

Initial and ongoing source of funding has been removed from the applications. These were previously included in the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) section of the applications. TD will continue to accept the outdated form until further notice.

Beneficiary IRA RMD

The Beneficiary RMD Information for Individuals Form is now available; the client-signed form is used to calculate/update Bene IRA RMD amounts. The form can only be used for first-generation beneficiary RMD calculations, no entity beneficiary RMD calculations. First-generation beneficiary IRA accounts are now eligible for systematic RMD setups when this form is on file. Please note that Beneficiary Systematic RMDs will still be set up with the Systematic RMD Request Form, but the Beneficiary IRA RMD Information Form must be on file.

As always, please reach out to your AE Wealth Support team at 866.363.9595 for further details.

711680 - For investment professional use only.

Not for use with consumers or the public.